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Chapter Arts Centre (May 2018)
Mayfest Bristol (May 2018)
IMPACT Festival (September 2017)
Festival TransAmériques (May- June 2016)
PuSh International Performing Arts Festival (January 2016)
SummerWorks Performance Festival (August 2015)
OUTstages Festival (July 2015)
STAGES Festival (June 2015) *work in progress presentation
Queer Acts Theatre Festival (July 2014) *work in progress presentation


Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death is theatre-music-dance hybrid that is best situated in a black box theatre or dance club environment. We will collaborate with presenters to determine the ideal venue and any requisite transformations. We will need theatre lighting and sound system support to be sourced locally. The show typically requires a two day load in, though this varies according to the venue and the available crew. Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death travels with 3-4 team members on the road.

For questions about touring, contact Karen. Photos, technical rider, and an archival video are available upon request.