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“Swooping deftly between rage, resignation, irreverence, and joy, The Accidental Mechanics Group’s Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death is a LGBTQ+ rebellion – and its chosen weapon is the medium of dance.”

Bristol 24/7

“Les textes semblent presque improvisés, mais sont en réalité livrés avec une rare efficacité.”

Revue jeu

“The communal space that this piece created, and the essential humanity that Legere laid bare on stage, are two of the show’s greatest strengths”

Prism International

Let’s Not Beat Each Other To Death… destroyed me (in a very good way)”

Mooney on Theatre

“powerful and cathartic”

The Chronicle Herald


“Despite these dark themes, the last third of the piece explodes in a riot of celebration as the performance space transforms into a nightclub awash with lights and projected images, and with Legere inviting the audience to join him on the dance floor (if they so wish: Legere is equally cool about people just watching, or even calling it a night). He makes it clear that this part of the show isn’t just an after-party, but is a crucial part of his ritualized performance.”

Montreal Gazette

“So often I see a show or I see a piece of art or a piece of performance and I walk off into the night with all this new information and all of this experience and sometimes I’m wondering where to put it and how to unpack it,” Legere says. “I was wondering if there is a way to have that experience of delving really head-first into tough subject matter, into sharing and talking about very central and core things about human experience and then not just ending it and sending people off into the night . . .

Daily Xtra

“My hope is that the audience and I can have this conversation about things that are real and hard and happening,” he continues, “we’ll acknowledge that it’s maybe not stopping, and then we have this dance party to process and release these difficult things together.”

The Coast

“It’s a night to remember, to celebrate, to think and dance.”

Chronicle Herald